[Ubuntu NL gemeenschapsraad] Opzet: Question about the use of the trademark name Ubuntu

Ronnie van den Crommenacker ronnie.vd.c op gmail.com
Zo Jul 17 23:33:02 CEST 2011

goede aanvulling thomas. Op IRC kreeg ik nog het advies van leoquant om
onze voortgang hierin al te vermelden, zodat er geen discussie gaat
ontstaan over de gevolgen van het oprichten van een stichting en welke
stappen hier allemaal bij komen kijken. Zie onderstaande wijziging

Op 17-07-11 22:55, Thomas de Graaff schreef:
> Hallo Ronnie,
> goede opzet, hier mijn feedback, toevoegingen.
> Misschien kan het nog iets ingekort:
> =============
> Dear Canonical,
> Ubuntu-NL has a question about the use of the trademark name 'Ubuntu' in
> the name for the legal entity (a non profit foundation), we are
> establishing to support our LoCo community in its endeavors.
> The name we would like to use for the foundation is: "Stichting
> Ondersteuning Ubuntu­-NL" freely translated to "Foundation to support
> Ubuntu-NL"
> The reasons why Ubuntu-NL needs an legal entity, a non profit
> foundation:
>  - In the Netherlands it is impossible to open a bank account without a
> legal entity. No bank account makes endeavors that involve money like
> organizing events, create promotion material, get sponsorship to buy
> cd's etc. quite hard to organize.
>  - Sponsorship of a non profit foundation is very interesting for
> companies who then receive part of the sponsorship back as a result of
> special tax regulations in the Netherlands.
>  - People organizing events need liability insurance. Without means
> Ubuntu-NL cannot provide any help for volunteers getting insured.
>  - The communities goods are managed by a group of people instead of one
> person.
>  - Ubuntu-NL needs to be a legal entity to be able to make contracts
> with other parties. For example to be able as a community to arrange
> website hosting. Without a legal entity such contracts need to be on the
> name of a single person what gives problems if this person wants to get
> rid of the contract etc.
We already have taken care of the insurance policy, financials and the
foundation board. All the paperwork has been done. All we need is
clearance about the name of the foundation.
> Since Canonical owns the Ubuntu trademark we need permission to use the
> term Ubuntu in the name of the foundation: "Stichting Ondersteuning
> Ubuntu-NL" (translated: Foundation to support Ubuntu-NL). Can you give
> our community permission to use the term "Ubuntu" in this name of the
> foundation?
> Kind regards,
> Ronnie van den Crommenacker
> Loco-contact of Ubutnu-NL
> On Sun, 2011-07-17 at 15:30 +0200, Ronnie van den Crommenacker wrote:
>> Dear Canonical employee,
>> Our loco (Ubuntu-NL) has a question about the use of the trademark
>> name 'Ubuntu' for our legal volunteer association structure.
>> As Ubuntu-NL loco we want to establish an foundation. 
>> We like to use the name: "Stichting ondersteuning Ubuntu­NL" freely
>> translated to "Foundation support UbuntuNL"
>> Since Ubuntu is an trademark name we need to verify, if we as loco are
>> allowed to create a legal structure with the name Ubuntu in it.
>> Why Ubuntu-NL needs an foundation:
>>  - With a foundation we can receive gifts/donations/goods from
>> companies (companies cant donate easily to persons, cause some rule
>> about taxes)
>>  - The goods are managed by a group of people instead of one person.
>>  - For liability insurance at release parties
>> Kind regards,
>> Ronnie van den Crommenacker
>> Loco-contact of Ubutnu-NL 
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