[ubuntu-nl gemeenschapsraad] Ubuntu-nl Check In

Marten de Vries marten-de-vries op ubuntu.com
Do Jan 30 19:30:58 CET 2014

Hi Marcos,

Thanks for your check up e-mail. The Ubuntu Netherlands LoCo is still 
active, although it is a bit less busy than a few years ago. We still 
maintain a localized website on Ubuntu and our LoCo 
(http://ubuntu-nl.org/), there's an active forum 
(http://forum.ubuntu-nl.org/) and recently, as an experiment, the server 
subteam also started up a localized Q&A site (AskUbuntu-like): 
http://vraag.ubuntu-nl.org/ . There are quite some people in our IRC 
channel, #ubuntu-nl on Freenode, too. And, while I'm at it, there's also 
the Ubuntu NL mailing list.

Currently, plans are being made to have a release party in May, those 
plans are coordinated by our promotion subteam. Last year we had 
elections for our 'gemeenschapsraad', which handles matters too general 
for a subteam to handle, and is the public face for Ubuntu NL. Two 
members have been re-chosen, one is new. Also being worked on currently 
is a localized cd (as in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LocalizedImages). The 
above is by no means a complete list, just the things that popped into 
my head (which in most cases mean they've been discussed recently over 

The largest 'risk' for our LoCo is currently the decreasing amount of 
members, in my opinion. We don't have hard numbers for this, but for 
example to forum seems a bit quieter than it has been, and finding 
members who want to participate more actively in one of the subteams or 
the gemeenschapsraad is more difficult (although the subteams are 
currently filled sufficiently to function, as far as I know). I don't 
have any direct ideas about how the LoCo Council could help us, but I 
CC'd this e-mail to one of the mailing lists of Ubuntu NL which is read 
by a lot of the more active members. If anyone there has any ideas about 
that, or has something else to add, I'll forward their contribution (if 
you aren't included by CC in the first place).

I hope that answers your questions, feel free to ask if you'd like more 
information on something.

Best regards,

Marten de Vries
marten-de-vries op ubuntu.com

op 27-01-14 18:32, costales schreef:
> Hello, Marten!
> I am Marcos Costales from the Ubuntu LoCo Council. We are contacting 
> you so you can tell us how your LoCo Team is doing, as you are set as 
> the team contact for Ubuntu-nl. You should not worry about this email 
> - all LoCo Teams have been contacted about this.
> So, how is your team doing? Is everything going alright? Is there 
> anything we can help with? What may we do to serve you better? How may 
> we equip you, advise you, mentor you? What barriers do you need help 
> clearing on the road to success? Do you require our assistance 
> intervening with Canonical in any way?
> Thank you so much for giving us this opportunity to check-in with your 
> team, as well as for all your efforts inside the LoCo community. We 
> hope to hear back from you soon!
> On behalf of the LoCo Council,
> Marcos Costales

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