[Ubuntu NL gemeenschapsraad] Loco contact absence

Ronnie van den Crommenacker ronnie.vd.c op gmail.com
Zo Jul 10 22:20:49 CEST 2011

Hi Loco Council,

Im Ronnie van den Crommenacker from the Ubuntu-NL Loco. In the 2-weekly
governance meeting a few weeks ago, we discussed about the absence of
our loco contact Sense Hofstede. He is now absent for a few months. In
one of his last posts he explained he needed more time for school so he
would be less online. From that time we didnt see him on the 2-weekly
meetings and he didn't respond to emails anymore. This is not how we
know sense. Except for some tweets and one blog post, we heard nothing
more from him.

Two weeks ago, we as governance decided to temporary switch loco
contact. On IRC i contacted czajkowski about it and she advised to send
Sense Hofstede an email to ask him to temporary step up till he got more
time to be loco contact again. This mail is sended more than 2 weeks ago
and we still have no response. What next steps should we take?

Also, our loco is getting ready to be reapproved. Our loco had a big
restructure and is now a lot more open than before. Were now working on
our Approval page. What steps should our governance take to schedule an
reapproval date?

Ronnie van den Crommenacker
Member of the Ubuntu-NL Governance
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