[Ubuntu NL gemeenschapsraad] Opzet: Question about the use of the trademark name Ubuntu

Ronnie van den Crommenacker ronnie.vd.c op gmail.com
Zo Jul 17 15:30:13 CEST 2011

Ik heb een opzet gemaakt voor de mail die ik naar Canonical wil sturen
over het gebruik van de naam "Stichting ondersteuning Ubuntu­NL". Graag
feedback hierop.

Dear Canonical employee,

Our loco (Ubuntu-NL) has a question about the use of the trademark name
'Ubuntu' for our legal volunteer association structure.

As Ubuntu-NL loco we want to establish an foundation.
We like to use the name: "Stichting ondersteuning Ubuntu­NL" freely
translated to "Foundation support UbuntuNL"

Since Ubuntu is an trademark name we need to verify, if we as loco are
allowed to create a legal structure with the name Ubuntu in it.

Why Ubuntu-NL needs an foundation:
 - With a foundation we can receive gifts/donations/goods from companies
(companies cant donate easily to persons, cause some rule about taxes)
 - The goods are managed by a group of people instead of one person.
 - For liability insurance at release parties

Kind regards,

Ronnie van den Crommenacker
Loco-contact of Ubutnu-NL

Nu rest nog het zoeken naar het contact adres voor deze mail.

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