[Ubuntu NL gemeenschapsraad] Opzet: Question about the use of the trademark name Ubuntu

Ronnie van den Crommenacker ronnie.vd.c op gmail.com
Zo Jul 17 15:53:46 CEST 2011

Bij het vragen naar het contact adres heb ik al onofficieel antwoord
gekregen dat we de naam moeten gebruiken. Ik wacht nog even op jullie
feedback en stuur dan de mail naar trademark op canonical.com voor een
officieel antwoord, die we dan ook 'op papier' hebben.

czajkowski is altijd al tegen een officiŽle stichting geweest, omdat te
veel werk met zich mee brengt. Ubuntu-US-NY en Ubuntu-FR hebben ook een
officiele organisatie structuur om dezelfde reden als wij hebben en daar
werkt het prima.

Hier een log van de conversatie met paultag en czajkowski

(15:31:32) Ronnie: ping paultag
(15:32:32) paultag: Ronnie: pong
(15:32:39) paultag: Ronnie: what can I do to help?
pak33m paultag
(15:34:37) Ronnie: paultag: i have some questions about the legal use of
the name ubuntu, do you know who i can contact?
(15:35:09) paultag: Ronnie: sure. trademarks op canonical, you can try
running it past me, I've had to deal with them a bunch (I can try to see
if I know one way or the other)
pak33m paultag
(15:37:54) Ronnie: paultag: as ubuntu-nl we want to start up a legal
stucture (some kind of volontary association) and we want to use the
name "Stichting ondersteuning Ubuntu≠NL" freely translated to
"Foundation support UbuntuNL"
(15:38:20) Ronnie: may we use the Ubuntu name in the legal structure?
(15:38:26) czajkowski: I think some teams have to set up foudnations but
it does bring up a lot of hassle
(15:38:29) paultag: Ronnie: I believe this is valid usage, given that it
does exactly pertain to Ubuntu it's self -- email canonical as a test
(15:38:30) czajkowski: ie money
(15:38:33) czajkowski: bank accounts
(15:38:44) czajkowski: insurance
(15:38:46) paultag: Ronnie: it sounds fine, just be careful in the
administration of the structure
(15:38:59) paultag: aye, what czajkowski said
(15:39:24) czajkowski: it's usally not recommended
(15:39:31) czajkowski: as it becomes a legal entitiy
(15:39:41) czajkowski: you risk becoming liale
(15:39:46) czajkowski: *liable
(15:39:47) czajkowski: etc
(15:39:50) paultag: czajkowski: ubuntu us ny has been kicking arse at this
(15:39:51) czajkowski: have to go sorry
(15:39:57) paultag: czajkowski: they have that set up and it works for them
(15:39:58) czajkowski: paultag: :/
(15:40:10) czajkowski: I'm really sorry cant get into it atm
(15:40:12) czajkowski: on  a conf call
(15:40:25) czajkowski: but I do know it doesnt sit well with some people
(15:42:08) Ronnie: the money, bank accounts, insurance has been taking
care of. A legal structure is better for our volunteers, because without
the structure, the volunteers itself are responsible
(15:42:20) paultag: +1 Ronnie
(15:42:45) czajkowski: yeah but again you're now using canonical name so
just becare
(15:42:47) czajkowski: *careful
(15:42:52) Ronnie: also a legal structure allows us to manage goods and
money received from companies that donate
(15:42:54) paultag: the ubuntu name*
(15:43:01) paultag: and since it's actually about Ubuntu, it's OK
(15:43:07) paultag: and it's even an official ubuntu function :)
(15:43:10) paultag: email them, but it should be fine
(15:43:38) Ronnie: also companies easier donate to legal structures than
to 'some group of people'
(15:44:30) Ronnie: ill email trademark to get an official answer so we
and canonical have this 'on paper'
pak33m paultag
(15:44:51) Ronnie: thx paultag and czajkowski
(15:44:55) paultag: yar


Op 17-07-11 15:30, Ronnie van den Crommenacker schreef:
> Ik heb een opzet gemaakt voor de mail die ik naar Canonical wil sturen
> over het gebruik van de naam "Stichting ondersteuning Ubuntu≠NL".
> Graag feedback hierop.
> Opzet:
> =====
> Dear Canonical employee,
> Our loco (Ubuntu-NL) has a question about the use of the trademark
> name 'Ubuntu' for our legal volunteer association structure.
> As Ubuntu-NL loco we want to establish an foundation.
> We like to use the name: "Stichting ondersteuning Ubuntu≠NL" freely
> translated to "Foundation support UbuntuNL"
> Since Ubuntu is an trademark name we need to verify, if we as loco are
> allowed to create a legal structure with the name Ubuntu in it.
> Why Ubuntu-NL needs an foundation:
>  - With a foundation we can receive gifts/donations/goods from
> companies (companies cant donate easily to persons, cause some rule
> about taxes)
>  - The goods are managed by a group of people instead of one person.
>  - For liability insurance at release parties
> Kind regards,
> Ronnie van den Crommenacker
> Loco-contact of Ubutnu-NL
> ====
> Nu rest nog het zoeken naar het contact adres voor deze mail.
> Ronnie
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